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Hey! I’m Lizz Mears,

An Artist Who Likes To Sling Paint At Canvases & Colour In My Fort When Parenting Is Too Hard!

I’m Also A Proud Warrior of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Depression.


prazosin 2 mg tablet get link This lovely website of mine is getting a reboot!! So bear with me whilst I unpack all my boxes and organise the furniture!

Lizz is also a kickass warrior with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Depression!

You can read more of her story here and on the blog here.

That’s why she created this totally awesome FREE downloadable workbook for all the other Warriors out there!


Check It Out Here…

‘7 Steps To Raising Your Vibes.

A guide to living your life to the fullest and ditching the anxiety!’



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I’ve spent a lifetime battling OCD, Anxiety & Depression.    

Now I’m ready to help you.

I want to give you some of my favourite tips and techniques for getting in control of your brain.

That’s why I decided to write:

source link ‘7 Steps For Raising Your Vibes, A Guide To Living Your Life To The Fullest And Ditching The Anxiety’ ©

This isn’t a cure.

This is a workbook based on what I’ve found most helpful over the years whilst I was suffering my most severe mental health challenges.

I strongly believe and urge you to seek help from your local GP and Mental Health Team.

However what I can offer you is real life support, guidance and perspective from someone who’s been to hell and back since the age of 11, when I was first diagnosed Obsessive Compulsive.

From one Warrior To Another!



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